Wednesday, 4 November 2015


16181775The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion.  This book is so funny, I couldn't put it down.  Such a delightful, quirky character.  Trying to find a wife, seems an impossible task for this fellow.  If your looking for some light- hearted, intelligent reading, with a very dry sense of humour, you will enjoy this book.  I know I did.

23492671The Rosie Effect, by Graeme Simsion.  I don't know how Graeme Simsion does it.  I thought the second book with the same quirky character would get old real soon.  But he is just as funny and un-put-downable as the first book.  Gosh I wish I could write like this.  Such a lovable character.  Wonder where he gets his material?

I can't read just anything.  Not romance, with the descriptive steamy scenes.  Makes me feel nauseous. 

No sex and no violence, please!

One more gum-shoe detective, who has a drinking problem, that nobody loves, will make me hurl.

Vampires were all the rage for awhile.  But they leave me cold.

My husband has stacks of Westerns, he politely offered to loan.  But these too were lost on me.

I want to be entertained.  Swept away.  With believable characters and settings.  Not some made up language that you need to keep checking the built-in dictionary.

About hero's, and adventures.  About love, and food.  Sunsets and dragons.  History and time travel.  Ok, I know I'm getting carried away.  Those well written, well researched books, are hard to find, and hard to put down when you do come across one.  Enjoy your reading. With a lovely pot of tea and a cookie or two. 

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