Friday, 2 October 2015

Getting ready for my pitch at SIWC to Tradewind Books. EEEEK!!!

10545759Black Dog, Dream Dog, By Michelle Superle.  This was a well done little book for middle-grade readers.  I really enjoyed it.  Made me almost want to go out and get another dog.  Cause this one seemed like a perfect angel, knowing instinctively what people needed.  Who doesn't want that.  The artists depictions, done by Millie  Ballance were a treat.  She can be my illustrator too. 

24675654Where I belong, By Tara White.  This was quite different.  Well done, with well developed characters.  The plot moves along nicely too.  About a First Nation's girl adopted by a white Family.  Lots going on in here.  Loved it.

Well, I'm supposed to read three books for submission to Tradewind Books.  I'm still working on the third book, but I was so eager to blog about my upcoming Pitch session at the Surrey International Writers Convention.   We are off to Hollyhock on Cortez Island, where I have signed up for master artist classes with Robert Bateman.  The day after we get back I'll be at the convention.  Pitching my book to David Stephens of Tradewind books.  Can you tell I am a little bit excited?  I am over the moon.   I think I'm more excited than a kid at Christmas, waiting to open their presents.

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