Monday, 26 October 2015

Fall is coming, the days are getting shorter, and the trees are glorious

9465920Wild Wings, by Gill Lewis.  What a great story.  I felt like I was flying, Gill Lewis was so descriptive of the Ospreys in flight.  I really enjoyed this book, and was looking for anything else written by this author.  But, this is her debut novel, so will be looking forward to seeing more of her work, hopefully in the near future.

8619814The Emerald Atlas, by John Stevens.  Book one, the book of beginnings.  This was well written, with well developed characters and story line.  I really enjoyed it.  I kept thinking, oh that's the end, this is where it will all resolve, and let off the tension, but it just keeps going, tension just keeps building, taking so many unexpected twists and turns.  And I loved having the girl as the hero, that's just the icing on the cake.  Yummy.

So I did my pitch at the Surrey International Writer's Convention on the weekend.  What an amazing weekend I had, such great speakers.  And listening to Jack Whyte read from people in the audience first page of their book has to be my absolute favorite thing about it.

Well being able to pitch my book was pretty great too, but I'm afraid I was so nervous, I was just a big screw-up.  Oh well, there's always next year.

Oh my goodness, my dog is driving me absolutely crazy.  She will not sit still, keeps getting up and drooling all over me.  Constantly pacing.  I know, she's in pain.  But for goodness sake go to bed. 
She broke a nail off, past the quick, about 2 weeks ago.  How long will it take to heal?  Going crazy!

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