Saturday, 12 September 2015

All about Angels

6870698The Crowfield Curse, by Pat Walsh.  This started out a bit dark, and a little scary.  But then we get an angel or two and it really changes things.  I found this book really well researched, with well developed characters.  Love the little hob character, wish I had one of my own, a little pet that can talk.

21394797Pewter Angels, The Angelic Letter Series, by Henry K. Ripplinger.  I think I would have really enjoyed reading this as a teenager.  It gives insight into the mind of a teenager, and the problems they face.  Plus gives positive solutions.  The characters and story line are well thought out.  Maybe needed a bit tighter editing.  But still, I can't wait to read the next one in the series.  

I'm always looking for books about Angels, trying to learn more about mine.  I look for signs all the time that they are watching over us.  I love it when I'm listening to the traffic report on the radio in the morning, "no stalls or accidents to report."  That's when I thank our guardian Angels for getting us all to our destinations safely.  I know they are working extra hard taking care of us. 

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